Eric Gbenatey Nartey, from Ghana, has begun a PhD project supported by the Sue White Fund for Africa.

Eric’s project: Transformation of solid and liquid wastes into fertilizer to minimize urban catchment pollution, will be supervised by Dr Ruben Sakrabani at Cranfield. The International Water Management Institute in Ghana is providing industrial sponsorship.

The aims of the project will be to gain a better understanding of the nutrient and microbial flow in an urban waste composting system to enhance the recovery of nutrient resources from wastes. The use of these nutrients in fertilisers will divert pathogens from contamination pathways and abate catchment pollution. Among the potential local community benefits from such work would be a reduction in sanitation related diseases and increased productivity in local farms.

Eric Gbenatey Nartey with Dr Monica Rivas Casado, friend and former colleague of Prof Sue White