The Sue White Fund for Africa provides funding to enable students to study for a PhD at Cranfield University in a topic related to Professor White’s research. The fund is financed by a generous donation to the University made by Professor White through her estate. Up to three awards will be made in each calendar year. The deadline for applications is 31 May. Students must commence their studies on 1 October. An academic member of the fund’s management group will be appointed to each student review panel.

The fund will support proposals which seek funding for projects in any area of research into water and sanitation with special preference for studies on catchment processes and water management. Projects should involve fieldwork in Africa, with preference given to studies in Ghana, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi or Tanzania - all countries which Professor White had strong links with. The student should spend the majority of their time based in Africa and the first two months of their registration at Cranfield.

The fund will cover a PhD student’s fees and bursary at £17,000 per annum for three years only. It will also cover the cost of on-campus accommodation for the first two months of registration, travel/accommodation expenses to enable the student to attend one international conference, and, if required, the costs of one return airfare to enable the student to attend the viva voce examination and make an end of project presentation to the fund’s management group. Eligible students will have at least a first class or upper second class undergraduate degree. The fund will also pay for reasonable bench fees to an African university if needed, as well as student membership for one professional association. Transferable skills training will be made available to funded students through the WiRE Centre for Doctoral Training.

Proposals will need to confirm that additional project costs such as travel, consumables, equipment etc are to be covered by cash contributions from other sources (for example, by an industrial project sponsor or collaborator). The application form should be completed and submitted by a potential student supervisor who has already identified a project sponsor and student. Applications are evaluated by a panel comprising senior staff from Cranfield Water Science Institute.