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The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to adapt the way we work. Within the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre, we know how much our practical approach to training is appreciated by our customers. We also know how difficult it has been for people to travel to attend face-to-face teaching and that for many, this will be the case for some time to come.

The whole team have been working incredibly hard both to offer Covid-safe courses for those who are able to attend the University and to bring as much of our training portfolio ‘live-online’, whilst retaining the key elements that make a Cranfield course special.

Whichever one of our short courses you choose, our dedicated team have reviewed the course content and have designed a learning experience to meet your goals. The following information highlights our general approach to online training, but if you would require more detailed information around a specific course, please do get in touch. 


Course structure

Our online courses offer the flexibility to study from a location convenient for you. Using our digital teaching platforms, our courses offer a mix of sessions including live lectures, pre-recorded lectures, group exercises and self-study. We use a mix of platforms including MS Teams, Zoom and Canvas and find that by having a mix of methods, daily study plans, wrap up sessions and plenty of Q&A sessions, we are able to ensure we provide an engaging and thought-provoking experience. We have found that our learners are more comfortable than ever with online collaborative platforms and have even found elements which can offer advantages over traditional elements. 

Support during your course

We recognise the importance of providing dedicated support to you during your course. Our online courses have been designed to ensure you still have access to our teaching team throughout the programme. If you are struggling with the technology, then we can usually help keep you connected. We also make sure that you are able to interact with other course delegates – something that has always been an important part of our courses. 

Case studies and examples

We have delivered many of our courses live-online over the past 12 months to people all over the world. We have also delivered tailored courses for particular customers.
One of the first courses to run in this way was in April 2020:

Aircraft Accident Investigation and Response (AAIR) – find out how the course team delivered AAIR online 

Practical sessions

Many of our courses involved practical sessions and we have adapted the way we achieve the learning outcomes of these session by taking advantage of technology enhanced learning tools such as 360 degree camera footage, drone fly-throughs and live-online interviewing sessions. With the help of the Lloyds Register Foundation, we have been able to digitize our Accident Investigation Laboratory, add video from facilities such as our Boeing 737 aircraft and Pendolino rail carriage and build a fly-through model of our unique Cranfield A1 aerobatic aircraft to support courses ranging from Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems to Aviation Safety Investigation. By setting up remote teams through MS Teams, we’ve been able to guide groups through their learning in an effective and flexible manner.

Where a course is able to run face-to-face, we have rigorously applied comprehensive national and local Covid-safe measures in the classroom and in our accident site simulations. We successfully ran our Fundamentals of Accident Investigation, Applied Aircraft Accident Investigation and Applied Marine Accident Investigation courses in Autumn 2020 in this way and anticipate running the Fundamentals of Accident Investigation and Applied Aircraft Accident Investigation courses in May/June and September/October 2021 face-to-face, subject to UK government guidelines.

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