For our partners, we deliver world-class science and education with a practical, business-focused edge. We understand our clients’ challenges because more than 80% of the University’s business comes from sources other than Government. We delight in assembling pan-University teams of experts from across our skill sets, often in collaboration with other universities and consultants, to meet challenges that fall outside the conventional academic disciplines. Most of our academic staff have spent considerable portions of their career in industry or Government, and are especially solution-oriented.

Access to our expertise can be through direct or competitive research commissions that we can help you cost, through small pilot projects, through direct consultancy or long-term strategic partnerships that span the University’s expertise.

We offer a vibrant part- and full-time MSc programme with courses across the agrifood, environment and sustainability agenda for your employees, bespoke in-house training that can be delivered at your premises, and company short courses that are hosted at Cranfield. These can be designed around your business needs, suited to fitting in with your employees' day jobs.