Why did you choose Cranfield?

I chose Cranfield and Kaplan at the same time. Cranfield is a really good University and I wanted to live in London for a short time, I wanted to feel the culture of a big city. So the combination – seven to eight months in London and one year in Cranfield - is really attractive. 

What was Cranfield's impact

My first impression of Cranfield compared to London – I thought I’d come to a different country – it’s completely different to London. But after one or two weeks here I really feel peaceful and I can really concentrate on the course. In London of course there are a lot of good places to go and I can have a really good time with my friends. But here I can really focus on my master’s.

I actually want to stay in the UK, I’d like to get this PhD and become a lecturer here. I’m hoping to do my PhD in Corporate Finance. I would like to stay in the academic environment, it is quite simple, I think there are more barriers in industry. I’d like to enjoy the balance.

We approach knowledge in different ways here compared to China. Not only politics and other daily life, I think here, people are more focused on living. They have a better balance between work and life. In China maybe there are too many people and the level of competition is quite harsh. Like me, I tended to focus on work– I didn’t care about my salary or how much overtime I was doing, as long as I had my job I thought I’m OK. Here, people feel satisfied. Of course there are some problems here, like Brexit for example. But there’s a better work-life balance.