• Job title Process Owner and Digital Engineer
  • Organisation Rolls-Royce
  • CourseAerospace Manufacturing MSc , 2016

Why did you choose Cranfield?

Before I had the opportunity to go to Cranfield I was doing my final thesis abroad (Republic of Ireland) at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), which was the last part of my five year degree in Spain. This meant for me to become an Industrial Engineer. However, I felt the need to specialised myself in a topic that has always fascinated me, aerospace.

During my period abroad for my thesis I had the chance to be in touch with many experts in the manufacturing field and talk about their qualifications. Then, I started looking for a course that somehow would allow me to not only acquire the detail I needed in the aircraft world, but also a platform that linked myself directly with the industry and helped me understand what is the real life like out from the books by focusing on tangible results in shorts periods of time. Therefore, I found the perfect match: Aerospace Manufacturing MSc at one of the top´s Universities worldwide in this field, Cranfield University.

What was Cranfield's impact

Cranfield gave me the opportunity to do a thesis in the second biggest company in Europe in order to show what I was capable of in only 4 months and therefore get a job offer to carry out the 3D printing activities at the plant. However, is not only Cranfield as a University, is also the people you are surrounded to who are very comprehensive and try to help you on the way such as Jose Gonzalez Domingo, a Research fellow in Aerostructure Assembly and Systems Installation who has, of course, made me work hard but helped me hugely. As he normally says, the quality and quantity of lessons you learn based on a working environment as such is light years away to one based at University.

At the moment I am based at Airbus Operations Ltd at Broughton being the focal point of the 3D printing activities for the entire facility. This role as an Additive Manufacturing Engineer accounts for managing the production in-house, the contact with external suppliers when doing it inside is not adequate as well as carrying different projects, some directly related with 3D printing and others with the thesis I developed back when studying at Cranfield.