Even before the pandemic, global demand for digital education was rising. The market for online programmes is predicted to grow rapidly over the next five years. It is essential for higher education institutions, such as Cranfield, to prepare for and cater to the rising demand for digital education in an agile manner.

The School’s digital strategy, led by Graham Bell (Executive MBA 2018), prepared and enabled all Master’s and Executive Education programmes to continue seamlessly during the pandemic. Now is a perfect time to continue our digital journey, so that we can excel in the exciting and growing digital education space.

Providing fully-online MSc programmes will support Cranfield’s aspiration to grow in a sustainable way, giving us a significant opportunity to target working and international students who wish to study at a prestigious business school but are unable to travel.

Some of the funding opportunities are as follows:

Digital course designers

Digital course designers are vital to progress our digital education strategy. We currently have one member of staff in this highly specialised role which limits our ability to scale our digital offer. With your support, we can recruit extra specialists to this area which would help increase the speed of development of new online content.

Digital education technology

To deliver high quality digital education often requires the use of specialised hardware and software. Your support in this area would help us introduce innovative new education technology, such as interactive lecture tools, across the school’s range of programmes. You would also be helping provide content developers with state-of-the-art hardware that would aid the development of digital modules and programmes.

Online programmes and modules

Our aim is to develop cutting edge digital programmes and modules based on the knowledge generated by our thought leadership groups. Each module and programme will require designing and creating from the ground up. Funding for a programme or module would allow us to increase the speed of development and the availability of new content.

With your support, we can grow our curriculum to compete globally as we harness the expertise of our alumni and industry partners to create innovative digital programmes and modules which combine academic rigour with real-world expertise - providing industry expert knowledge with a unique Cranfield feel.