• An investment banker in London, seconded to New York and Sydney.
  • A corporate treasurer primarily leading complex structured finance arrangements for IT services.
  • A Finance Director.
  • Now a qualified professional coach, provider of leadership development programmes and university researcher and lecturer.

Research Topic

The value to organisations of International Assignment/expatriate (IA) programmes.

Research Issue

Organisations predominantly remain incapable of demonstrating the value of their IA programmes. They are based on a belief-system and the management of these programmes is generally through cost not value. I am interested in what the value is, how it is created and where it sits, and hence ultimately how we can help organisations evaluate and increase the positive impact of IAs.

Research Methods

Mixed Methods

Theoretical Perspective

Dynamic Capabilities

Published Papers

Why I Chose Cranfield

Subject matter expertise in the International Assignment field. The importance of both theoretical and practical consequences of our work. Strong reputation in Industry.


Professor Michael Dickmann and Professor Emma Parry

Research Centre 

People and Human Resource Management

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