Areas of expertise

Organizational Resilience and Change Leadership Group

Programme – PhD (full-time), 2018


Trained in medicine and management, Ibrat's work prior to coming to Cranfield straddled the intersection of international healthcare, change and strategy (with digital technology, programme management and international development thrown into the mix). Despite his efforts in reading management literature, it failed to quench his curiosity for the subject and the practice. His attempt to find answers through an MBA backfired: raising more and deeper questions.

Ibrat is passionate about using his experience to create innovative designs that solve real customer needs, and to mentor engineers who are new to the medical device industry.

Specialisms include: product development, product design, project management, medical devices.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Dr Andrey Pavlov
Secondary supervisor: Professor David Denyer

Ibrat's research explores how decision makers distribute their attention to read their environment.

Research methods: A little early to say. To quote Henry Mintzberg: “How can they know what they will do until they do it?”

Why I chose Cranfield: As a healthcare professional I became fascinated with how strategy works (or rather does not) in the real and complex world (some of this is reflected in my blog I was lucky to have met faculty members at Cranfield who share my interest in exploring complexity and strategic management. One more thing: Cranfield’s commitment to improving management practice was an important part of why I chose it for my research