Supervisor: Professor Emel Aktas

Prof Emel Aktas holds a Chair in Supply Chain Analytics and she is looking for PhD students interested in researching operational decisions in supply chain management. Following the Cranfield ethos, all PhD research projects need to contribute to theory and create practical impact. The PhD thesis she will supervise are expected to focus on strategic, tactical, and operational decisions in supply chain management, with a strong applied element.

Possible Research Areas

  • Perishable inventory management, possibly for the food retail
  • Demand forecasting for promotions using supply chain data analytics
  • Network design and routing for low carbon distribution

Suggested Reading

Nahmias, S. (2011) Perishable Inventory Systems. Springer.
Tayur, S., Ganeshan, R., & Magazine, M. (Eds.). (2012). Quantitative models for supply chain management (Vol. 17). Springer Science & Business Media.

Candidate Profile

Looking for candidates with background on mathematical modelling, simulation, and coding (Matlab, R, or Python).

Contact Details