Supervisor(s):  Emel Aktas

Cranfield School of Management has been recognised as a centre of excellence for research into Supply Chain Risk and Resilience. Major collaborative research projects undertaken by Cranfield since the year 2000 have contributed significantly to our understanding of risk and resilience.

The Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management recently hosted the "Supply Chain Risk Forum". The forum consisted of academics and practitioners interested in Supply Chain Risk and involved regular meetings and events. One need recognised by this collaborative forum was the need for an effective way to put supply chain risk on the "Board Room Agenda". The work of the forum developed a method called "Competitive Supply Chain Resilience" The approach identifies the key supply chain (and wider supply network) processes, classifies them using a method that links them to business strategy, which, in turn, enables vulnerability within the supply chain processes to be effectively identified and prioritised. This results in Supply Chain Risk Management no longer being something that "costs" the business money but an approach that sustains competitive advantage for an organisation. The PhD research would further develop knowledge in the area of Supply Chain Risk Management and the Competitive Supply Chain Resilience concept.

Potential research topics include:

  • Understanding the impact of supply chain risk on organisations and methods and approaches to used to reduce risk.
  • Methodologies for identifying supply chain risk.
  • How effective supply chain risk management can sustain competitive advantage.
  • The "cascading" of supply chain risk management approaches within a supply chain. It is anticipated that a number of researchers could focus on different areas of this topic area.

Contact Details:

Emel Aktas - Professor of Supply Chain Analytics