The faculty of the Centre for Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management are active publishers in top ranked logistics and supply chain management journals, regular contributors of papers at  conferences and authors of top logistics books.  They also regularly produce a newsletter which provides updates on the current work of the Centre. 

We've listed below a selection of recent publications:

'NEW' Paper

How to Teach Supply Chain Management using Gaming and Simulation, by M Bernon & A Lovell (2021)


December 2020 Issue

August 2020 Issue

January 2020 Issue


Supply Chain 4.0: Improving Supply Chains with Analytics & Industry 4.0 Technologies by E Aktas, M Bourlakis, I Minis & V Zeimpekis (2020)

Chapter: Manufacturing Out, Distribution In by H Moradlou, H Reefke & H Skipworth in Carmaggedon? Brexit & Beyond for UK Auto (Bite Sized Brexit Books) (2020)

Chapter: The Impact of Sharing Economy Incentives and Industry 4.0 Technologies on Humanitarian Logistics: Insights from the Iran Floods 2019 by H Seddighi & H Moradlou in Supply Chain 4.0: Improving Supply Chains with Analytics & Industry 4.0 Technologies (2020)

Logistics Management & Strategy: Competing through the Supply Chain (6th Edition) by A Harrison, H Skipworth, R Van Hoek & J Aitken (2019)

Operations Management for Business Excellence (4th Edition) by D Gardiner & H Reefke (2019)

Supply Chains in Action: A Case Study Collection in Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Operations Management by R Wilding (2019)


Brexit Impacts UK Companies' Supplier Risk Appetite, E Aktas & H Skipworth on conjunction with Dun & Bradstreet  (February 2020)

Journal Articles

Deceptive Counterfeit Risk in Global Supply Chains by A Ghadge, A Duck, M Er, ND Caldwell in Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal (2021)

Mitigating Demand Risk of Durable Goods in Online Retailing by A Ghadge, S Bag, M Goswami, MK Tiwari in International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (2021)

Post-Brexit Back-Shoring Strategies: What UK Manufacturing Companies Could Learn from the Past? by H Moradlou, L Fratocchi, H Skipworth, A Ghadge in Production Planning & Control (2021)

A Performance Measurement System for Industry 4.0 Enabled Smart Manufacturing System in SMMEs - A Review and Empirical Investigation by S Kamble, A Gunasekaran, A Ghadge & R Raut in International Journal of Production Economics (2020)

A Conceptual Framework for Improving Effectiveness of Risk Management in Supply Networks by A Chaudhuri, A Ghadge, B Gaudenzi & S Dani in International Journal of Logistics Management (2020)

A Data Mining-Based Framework for Supply Chain Risk Management by M Er-Kara, S Oktay Firat & A Ghadge in Computers & Industrial Engineering (2020)

Buyer-Supplier Collaboration During Emerging Technology Development by H Moradlou, S Roscoe & A Ghadge in Production Planning & Control (2020)

Collaboration in the Last Mile: Evidence from Grocery Deliveries by E Aktas, M Bourlakis & D Zissis in International Journal of Logistics Research & Application (2020)

Engineering Resilient Complex Systems: the Necessary Shift Toward Complexity Science by G Punzo, A Tewari, M Vasile, A Purvis, M Mayfield & L Varga in IEEE Systems Journal (2020)

Fairness in Hazmat Routing-Scheduling: a Bi-Objective Stackelberg Game by SS Mohria, N Asgari, RZ Farahani, M Bourlakis & B Laker in Transportation Research Part E: Logistics & Transportation Review (2020)

From Ambition to Action: How to Achieve Integration in Omni-Channel by V Mirzabeiki & S S Saghiri in Journal of Business Research (2020)

Impact of Financial Risk on Supply Chains: a Manufacturer-Supplier Relational Perspective by A Ghadge, SK Jena, SS Kamble, D Misra & MK Tiwari in International Journal of Production Research (2020)

Logistics and Procurement Outsourcing in the Healthcare Sector: A Comparative Analysis by H Skipworth, E Delbufalo & C Mena in European Management Journal (2020)

Managing Supply Chain Uncertainty Arising from Geopolitical Disruptions: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry and Brexit by S Roscoe, H Skipworth, E Aktas & F Habib in Journal of Operations & Production Management (2020)

Modelling the Impact of Climate Change Risk on Bioethanol Supply Chains by A Ghadge, S van der Werf, M Goswami, P Kumar & M Bourlakis in Technological Forecasting & Social Change (2020)

Selecting Spare Parts Suitable for Additive Manufacturing: a Design Science Approach by A Chaudhuri, H Gerlich, J Jayaram, A Ghadge, J Shack, B Brix, L Hoffbeck & N Ulriksen in Production Planning & Control (2020)

Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) as Local and Sustainable Systems by S Jarzebowski, M Bourlakis & A Bezat-Jarzebowska in Sustainability (2020)

Social Media in Supply Chains and Logistics: Contemporary Trends and Themes by S Papagiannidis, M Bourlakis & E See-To in International Journal of Business Science & Applied Management (2020)

Social Network Analysis in Operations and Supply Chain Management: a Review and Revised Research Agenda by Y Han, ND Caldwell & A Ghadge in International Journal of Operations & Production Management (2020)

Sustainability Implementation Challenges in Food Supply Chains: a Case of UK Artisan Cheese Producers by A Ghadge, M Er-Kara, DG Mogale, S Choudhary & S Dani in Production Planning & Control (2020)

The Impact of Industry 4.0 Implementation on Supply Chains by A Ghadge, M Er Kara, H Moradlou & M Goswami in Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (2020)

The Impact of Oil Price Changes on Efficiency of Banks: an Application in the Middle East Oil Exporting Countries Using SORM-DEA by S Kaffash, E Aktas & M Tajik in RAIRO: Operations Research (2020)

Treat Me Well and I May Leave You Kindly: a Configurational Approach to a Buyer's Relationship Exit Strategy by F Habib, M Bastl, A Karatzas & C Mena in Industrial Marketing Management (2020)


Brexit and Manufacturing Supply Chain Location Decision by H Moradlou, H Reefke, H Skipworth & W Tate, presented at the International Purchasing Supply, Education & Research Association (IPSERA) Conference (2020)

An Integrated Decision Support System for Platelet Distribution by E Aktas, M Roberts, N Yates & S Saghiri, presented at the European Conference on Operational Research (2019)

E-Commerce Order Fulfilment: The Jingdong Model by B Kam, M Gu, R Wilding & C Chan, presented at the 24th International Symposium on Logistics (2019)

Exit Strategies for Buyers - a Comparison of East vs West by F Habib, M Bourlakis & E Aktas, presented at the 30th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society  (2019

Investigating the Impacts of Brexit on Manufacturing Location Decisions by H Moradlou, H Reefke, H Skipworth & W Tate, presented at the POMS Conference (2019)

Is Reshoring still a Viable Strategy for the UK Manufacturers? by H Moradlou, L Fratocchi, H Skipworth & A Ghadge, presented at the European Sciences Decision Institute (EDSI) Conference (2019)

Supply Chain Emergence: a Reconceptualisation and Evidence from Practice by A Tewari, A Ghadge & M Bourlakis, presented at the 24th International Symposium on Logistics (2019)

Supply Chain Risk Management and the Role of Firm Size: a Longitudinal Study of Brexit by S Roscoe, H Skipworth, E Aktas & F Habib, presented at the 26th European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Conference (2019)