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Webinar 26th March 2021

Preparing Supply Chains for Geopolitical Disruptions: what can we learn from Brexit?

The Centre for Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management are holding their next Webinar on the 26th March.  They will be looking at how geographical disruption can be mitigated using principles of supply chain management and present findings from a study on supply chain risk strategies companies can use to manage the uncertainty from geographical disruptions like Brexit.

Webinar 29th January 2021

Supply Chain Resilience: Lessons from 2020

2020 was one of the most challenging years in the past few decades with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting all supply chains. Many businesses have had to change their operations at short notice and found new ways of working. New business models emerged to meet customer demand, which changed significantly amid lockdowns across the world.

Webinar 13th November 2020

The New Normal in Omnichannel Retail Operations

This webinar examined the new normal in retail operations and the increasing relevance and significance of omnichannel.

Webinar 11th September 2020

Contemporary & Future Challenges in the Food Supply Chain

This webinar looked at how contemporary food supply chains are evolving and adapting to the ongoing business challenges such as Covid-19 and Brexit.  The webinar explored current challenges, analysed specific strategies to overcome these challenges and showcased current thought leadership and research in food supply chain management.

Webinar 27th July 2020

Supply Chain Reslience: Lessons from 2021