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My educational background includes a master’s in finance from the University of New South Wales and a BBA in Management from the University of Toronto. Having established a basic framework for finance, I improved my knowledge of corporate finance and investment in preparation for advanced studies. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program at Cranfield University, I had industry experience. As a relationship manager at Standard Chartered Bank, I was responsible for business banking relationships, which entailed assessing financial statements and operations of businesses. Additionally, I was responsible for assurance on annual audit projects at Ernst & Young, which significantly enhanced my understanding of risk management and analytical skills regarding corporate financial performance.

Current activities

In general, I am interested in corporate finance and corporate culture with a focus on corporate social responsibility and firm performance. The current study will investigate whether and how ESG performance is conducted in the interests of shareholders and stakeholders. In addition, the study will examine whether and how CEO characteristics are related to this association, as well as whether the evidence holds for all U.S. industries and for non-environmental businesses.