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Stuart is an experienced R&D Manager trained in product design and project management. He has specialised in medical device product development for the last 16 years - running teams whilst managing complex and senior reporting lines.

He has worked on orthopaedic projects internationally, including the development of hip, knee, shoulder and trauma products in established markets such as Europe and North America, and emerging markets such as China and India. He is passionate about using his experience to create innovative designs that solve real customer needs, and to mentor engineers who are new to the medical device industry.

Specialisms: product development, product design, project management, medical devices.

Research opportunities

Stuart's research is characterised by the ‘insight moment’; the point when a new customer insight is discovered from the market research data. The research also attempts to provide a construct of how both customer needs and customer insights relate in the context of product innovation, and a framework for the flow of information from market research, to needs and ultimately through to customer insights. The literature from innovation marketing, psychology and creativity is reviewed in order to understand the definitions and relationship between needs and insights in product innovation.

Current activities

Stuart has completed the systematic literature review, and will next move onto defining the research design. In 2020 he will start the data gathering (multiple case studies) phase.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Grant S, Goffin K, Adams & R (2019) The insight moment: exploring customer needs and customer insight generation during new product development. A systematic literature review.. In: 26th IPDMC: Innovation And Product Development Management Conference., Leicester, 10-11 June 2019.