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Melvyn has a BTech in Non-metallic Materials Technology and Management from Brunel University. His early career was in the third party logistics industry before he studied for his MSc in Transport Management at Cranfield. He then spent four years working at the University of Westminster, where he developed his interest in European logistics and logistical systems, before returning to Cranfield as an academic in 1989.

He was the recipient of the Plowman award in 2000 for the best educator's paper at the Council of Logistics Management conference and subsequently published in the Journal of Business Logistics.

Melvyn is a Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (US)

Current activities

Melvyn's early research focused on freight transportation and logistics outsourcing, areas he maintains an interest in and currently teaches. As the previous Director of Education at Cranfield School of Management Melvyn was responsible for ongoing academic quality and governance of the School's taught degree programmes (MBA and MScs).  In his role Melvyn was responsible for the development and launch of the first level 7 Senior Leaders (MBA) apprenticeship in the UK and is oversaw the redesign to ensure compliance with the revised standard.  Using this experience selected MScs are now being mapped against new apprenticeship standards.

Melvyn has significant postgraduate teaching experience as a lecturer, external examiner and external programme validator.


Given Melvyn's current role clients are related to educational development and include; Grant Thornton (apprenticeship), Muscat University and Commission for Academic Accreditation (Dubai).

Previous consultancy clients include; Accenture, Baker Rose, King Sturge and Panalpina.


Articles In Journals

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