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Chris has an international reputation in his chosen specialisms within Information Systems. He has addressed conferences across the globe and advises the world's largest businesses in securing benefits from Information Systems.

His career began by developing accounting focussed information for businesses. During this time he qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant and was elected as a Fellow of the Institute. He became a Professor at Cranfield School of Management in 1983 after working at the prestigious Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. As the lead on Information Systems at Cranfield he has recruited a group of like minded individuals, many of which are now Professors at universities around the world.

He has consulted with private and public sector businesses and has been retained by sectors of the UK Government in an on-going advisory capacity. He has advised the world's largest bank in securing benefits from IT and provided 'assurance' reports to the Federal Reserve on organisational performance in relation to managing technology.

He is the author of seven books and has published in virtually every relevant Information Systems Journal in the world.

Delegates and attendees at conferences always mention Chris' ability to explain complex issues in simple and straightforward terms. Many mention his ability to address real organisational issues: some say he lives at the intersection between academia and business practice.


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