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Pam joined the Bettany Centre in 2019 as an Administrator/Events Coordinator. This role involves assisting with the day-to-day Bettany Centre administration requirements and assisting with the annual cycle of events, workshops and Graduate Programme award bearing courses. She has previous experience working as an Administrator on the Business Growth Programme and managing the Executive and Full Time MBA courses within the School of Management.

Current activities

Pam Ashpole successfully co-ordinated an annual North European Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) final at Cranfield on 6th March 2020.  It was a great opportunity for students to engage with the real entrepreneurs and receive feedback on their performances.

The Bettany Centre run an annual one day conference called Venture Day, which typically is attended by around 200 entrepreneurs.  The next Venture Day will take place on 13th May 2021 and will be co-ordinated by Pam Ashpole.  This event is being run jointly by the Bettany Centre and the Sustainability Group with the original idea having a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship for the event.

i2i is a programme run for technical PhD students, to help them think on how to commercialise their doctoral research.  It is supported by several facilitators from Cranfield and abroad and will be run online in January 2021.