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Mike has worked at Cranfield since 1986, initially as a member of the research and teaching faculty and since 2003 as an Associate. His original discipline was Strategic Marketing from where he migrated into General Management, in which he now specialises. Mike is also widely published and delivered a regular Leadership Blog for 5 years from 2012.

Outside Cranfield, Mike has always maintained a portfolio of personal clients across a range of industrial sectors. Over the years, he has worked with many larger corporations to provide intensive management development programmes, but has always retained a number of SMEs in the portfolio. Many of these developed into long-term clients with whom there has been a much closer relationship.

Mike\342\200\231s original focus as an independent businessman was market research and strategic marketing. Over the last 20 years, however, his focus changed so that work became much more about strategy and strategic planning plus management development services.

Current activities

Mike now works almost exclusively with independent SMEs or smaller business units within a corporate. In this, he majors on business and organisational development plus individual executive leadership coaching. He still writes occasional articles but has diversified into pantomimes and other forms of writing of late.