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Melody has been an Associate of Cranfield School of Management since 2009, specialising in writing, research and marketing/social media management. A graduate of the California Institute of Technology (BS, 1977) and Birkbeck College, University of London (MSc, Organizational Behaviour 2007), her eclectic career encompasses over 30 years of experience spanning a wide range of fields including research, writing, media relations, sales promotion, web development, social media and corporate responsibility and sustainability campaigning in the US and Europe.

Current activities

Melody's PhD research focuses on 'social intrapreneurship', the creation of products, services and processes that generate commercial value for organisations and social and environmental value for the wider community. Her particular focus is the institutional work undertaken by social intrapreneurs to develop and enhance their abilities, as well as those of the organisations and the wider communities they serve, to create social, environmental and economic value.