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Hilary is an experienced leadership development specialist and executive coach, working with organisations across the globe to develop truly inclusive leadership practices and behaviours.

Current activities

Hilary has a first degree in European Studies and a PhD in management from Cranfield University. Her PhD examined the issues facing women in International Management. Whilst on the Faculty at Cranfield School of Management, her specialist areas of research were gender diversity, intercultural and change management.

Hilary has worked on women's leadership issues extensively within the United Nations system. As a result of her PhD thesis, she was invited to undertake research to examine the barriers to 50/50 gender representation at all levels within the UN system. The results of the report were presented to the General Assembly. She has since worked with the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and UNHCR, as well as Department for International Development on a variety of diversity and HR projects.

In the private sector, Hilary is currently project lead for a series of gender and minority ethnic group diversity strategy and development programmes within a major multinational bank.

For the past three years, Hilary has co-led the Cranfield 'Women as Leaders' programme with Professor Kim Turnbull James.