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Graham started his career as an engineer in the automotive industry, progressing rapidly to manage manufacturing units in engineering companies. He came to Cranfield in 1986 to teach operations management, and developed expertise in working with companies making the transition from a product to service focus.

Current activities

The focus of Graham's work is with operations leaders throughout an organisation, enabling them to become more strategic in their thinking. He also concentrates on the overlap between operations strategy, change leadership and employee engagement. Graham has carried out research into the role of team leaders in "high commitment, low discretion" operations such as call and contact centres. He has also been trained as a psychotherapist and uses insights from systems thinking and psychodynamics in designing change processes. He is also heavily involved with the School's personal development activities for Masters and Executive programmes. He is the co-author of a best-selling text book (Service Operations Management; Financial Times/Prentice Hall). His interest in service is reflected in his role as Non-Executive Director for the Institute of Customer Service, and he is a member of the editorial board of Customer Focus.


Graham has worked with organisations in a wide range of sectors that include pharmaceuticals, financial service, defence, charities such as hospices and housing associations, telecommunications and professional services. Recent work has focused on the management of global operations.


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