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Emma has spent her career working within and with SMEs, across multiple sectors such as: catering, engineering and healthcare. Her love for SME life stems from the belief that the greatest innovation and challenges to conventional business thinking is born from the creativity, agility and entrepreneurial thinking of business owners.

Emma comes from an accounts & finance background and like so many others who have progressed within SMEs, her journey into leadership was unconventional. Having joined a company in difficulty, it provided her with endless learning opportunities, allowed her to re-build the business from the bottom-up whilst providing her with real insight into what people on the ground really want from their leaders.

Her main accomplishments are:

Negotiated and acquired the assets of a business which went on to generate an ROI within two years.

Discovered a large unaccounted financial liability which was repaid via a negotiated payment plan without incurring any interest or financial charges.

Reduced operational costs by 50% via efficiencies and implementing automated processes.

Built a talented, enthusiastic and driven Senior Management team who in turn have assisted in establishing a positive company culture.

Restructured the company by repositioning and mentoring rising talent within the organisation.

Emma's first experience of Cranfield was in January 2019 when she completed the Business Growth Programme (BGP) and went on to join a BGP advisory Board with other Cranfield alumni. Since then, she has become a counsellor on the BGP programme as well as Business Growth Adviser.

It is now Emma's passion to share her wealth of real SME and leadership experience via coaching, mentoring and facilitation. Helping other businesses not only grow their bottom lines, but their people, future rising stars and culture.