Dr Zimu Xu is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship. Prior to which, having completed her PhD on ‘Critical analysis of business growth in the UK digital gaming industry’, Zimu worked as lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, and later lecturer in Business Analytics at Coventry University. Before that, Zimu studied the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree at the University of Warwick after completing the BSc in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics.

Zimu’s research interests and passion lie within entrepreneurship and technology. Prior to joining the teaching team at Coventry, she had worked in the research team for a number of years and participated in a range of research projects at the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship. Selected project topics includes entrepreneurial ecosystems, innovation ecosystems and AI industry in China, digital skills gap in the UK healthcare sector, social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship in sports sector. As a result, Zimu has produced a range of publications including international reputable journals, book chapters, reports and conference papers.

Research opportunities

Zimu is interested in supervising and taking part in research projects that align with and/or further develop her current research profile. Some specific interested topics include Entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurship in technology intensive industry, business growth and entrepreneurship resilience, entrepreneurship and technology in creative industry (e.g. arts sector, digital gaming), entrepreneurship and innovation in sports sector, digital transformation and intrapreneurship. Please get in contact if you are interested in pursing a doctorate in this area.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Xu Z & Adams R (2023) A configurational paths framework towards institutionalising innovation using QCA. In: XXXIV ISPIM Conference (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Conference 2023), Ljubljana, 4-7 June 2023.
  • Xu Z, Li C & Xu S (2022) Entrepreneurial resilience in time of crisis: Evidence from China in the era of COVID-19. In: ISBE 2022 (42nd Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference), Principal York Hotel, York, 27-28 October 2022.
  • Xu Z, Maas G, Jones P & Lockyer J (2019) Digital Gaming Industry in Global-Local Crossings: Comparative Study of UK, China and Brazil. In: 42nd Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle, UK, 14-15 November 2019.
  • Xu Z (2018) Behind the Game: Survival and Growth of Game Development Businesses. In: 41st Annual Conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Birmingham, 7-8 November 2018.
  • Xu Z Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Policy Support and Comparison with Innovation Ecosystems. In: 40th Annual Conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Belfast, 8-9 November 2017.