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Dr Sergey Portyanko is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and the Module Leader for Managing Business Growth subject on the MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship Programme. Prior to joining the Bethany Centre for Entrepreneurship, he researched endogenous social effects on individuals' entrepreneurial intentions in the context of Business Education. 


Sergey is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and holds a PhD in from Cranfield School of Management. Sergey's academic research interests pertain to social complexities in forming and governing organisations. That includes endogenous social effects (peer influence) on entrepreneurial behaviours. In the field of Strategic Management he studies phenomena related to the sources of trust and accountability in cross cultural strategic alliances. 


Sergey builds his research and teaching experience in academia on his previous employment and entrepreneurial career in various businesses. Having progressed to executive positions in consulting and financial services industries he started and run several ventures as an owner or co-founder. His role as an owner-manager was greatly related to providing strategic leadership to the businesses.

Current activities

Sergey studies the subject of social influence on entrepreneurial intentions and behaviours. With the academic interest in the Entrepreneurship research field combined with the experience in business venturing, Sergey can benefit from the mix of breadth of theoretical knowledge in research together with the experience in practical approaches to business venturing and managing companies. Sergey has presented his research at the leading academic forums including the British Academy of Management and the European Academy of Management research conferences.