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Before joining Cranfield as Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, Hendrik was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Auckland as part of the New Zealand Centre for Supply Chain Management.  At Auckland he lectured a wide variety of courses in the areas of operations and supply chain management.  In addition Hendrik has held visiting academic positions in Germany.  Prior to these roles he gained practical experience in project management and in the automotive sector.

Current activities

Dr Hendrik Reefke is a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Cranfield University, School of Management.  Hendrik is an active researcher, focusing primarily on sustainable supply chain management, service supply chains, as well as performance measurement and reporting.  He holds an award winning PhD from the University of Auckland as well as a MCom and BCom (Honours) in operations and supply chain management.  Hendrik embraces a variety of methodological research approaches including simulation, process design, modelling, surveys, group decision techniques, case studies, and conceptual theory building.  His work has been published in academic journals, books chapters, and conferences.  For research supervision, he welcomes students interested in conducting empirical research in areas broadly connected to his research interests.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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