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David is one of the original Founders of Lightfoot Solutions, and is currently looking after Commercial and Police customers in the UK.

David has significant experience in improving business performance coupled with adoption and adaption of SPC-Plus (extended Statistical Process Control) techniques embedded in the company's acclaimed signalsfromnoise® (sfn®) software platform.

David has been instrumental in initially developing the company, guiding development of sfn, and establishing the initial customer base. Before forming Lightfoot Solutions he was providing performance improvement consulting services for a number of years, culminating in a breakthrough case study published by Cranfield Business School in 2001 - this being a springboard for signalsfromnoise.

He is supporting a number of Executive Management programmes at Cranfield University as well as the University of Heriot Watt, along with Senior Officer programmes at the College of Policing.

Current activities

Guiding organisations in moving from a reactive state to predictive and preventative states through helping them 'measure the right things', 'measure things right', 'act on the right things' and 'act in the right way'.

There is continuing pressure on budgets, coupled with the need for on-time and in full delivery regarding expectations of the public, customers, regulators, amongst others. It is imperative to design the organisation in services companies (and in many cases their suppliers) around their key business processes (namely Lead to Cash (L2C), Trouble To Resolve (T2R), Procure To Pay (P2P) and Concept To Market/Deliver (C2M/C2D)) - particularly with respect to front-line service delivery. This involves working from the company's stated Purpose, understanding their key Processes regarding "Flow" end-to-end, and building the Leadership & Organisation, People & Culture, and Tools / Techniques / Technology to enable these processes to work effectively to provide good customer experience, and to optimise efficiency of service delivery to agreed costs.

More recently, David has been spearheading Lightfoot's working with academic leaders by introducing practitioner-based methods that are delivering success 'out there' into Executive Management programmes, and working with these academics to ensure robust methods underpin Lightfoot's ground-breaking work.


Clients Lightfoot is working with include:

· BT

· Centrica

· West Midlands Police

· Greater Manchester Police

· St John Ambulance, New Zealand

· Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand