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Carly has recently joined the Bettany Centre to administer and manage a number of key business programmes having worked in Executive Education for over 10 years.  She was previously the Client Team Leader for General Management Development at Cranfield, managing the administration team and coordinating the Cranfield Talent Development Programme and Cranfield General Management Programme.

Current activities

Carly is primarily responsible for:

·         Growth Curve, a joint project with South East Midlands Local Enterprise (SEMLEP)  Growth Hub and is an intensive programme for business owners to strengthen their leadership skills in order to facilitate long term sustainable growth.

·         Ready for Scale a 12-week growth plan for small or medium sized business owners to critically review their businesses to help them on their growth trajectory and transform their business.

·         Peer Networks Programme is a joint project with South East Midlands Local Enterprise (SEMLEP) Growth Hub designed specifically for business founders to seize opportunities to build a better business for a new tomorrow.