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Andy has spent all of his working life in sales. Starting in financial services in Lloyds, then Barclays Asset Finance initially in Manchester, then London. The foundations gained in selling externally and internally, the need for asset finance loans (externally) and the acceptable risk (internally), have never been lost on him.

From there he moved to GE Capital and ran their joint venture with Sun Microsystems Ltd, and from there to EMC2 Inc (now part of Dell). He held roles from Head of Customer Financial Services (UK and EMEA levels), through to Director EMEA Sales Enablement. In that role understanding sales learning and tool needs and development programs for growth, were critical and Andy's relationship with Cranfield began there.

He also held roles in specialist sales and core storage group sales with 2,000 sellers under leadership. Leaving after 16 years he founded the Association of Professional Sales, focused on developing sales into a recognised profession and placing it on parity with other professions. Following a merger with the ISM the Institute of Professional Sales was formed with other 10,000 members world-wide.

Current activities

As founder of the Association of Professional Sales, Andy stays actively involved with thought leadership and research which links to his role as researcher in sales at Cranfield University. He also teaches around the world, based on his Cranfield position as Lecturer - Sales Leadership and Performance. At Cranfield, in addition to his research, Andy conducts research in his field with other global academics and teaches Exec MBA, MBA and MSc students as well as open Executive Development programmes.

Passionate about sales at every level, Andy supports organisations to embrace new leadership and learning methodologies and frameworks for sales ecosystems.


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