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After graduating from Industrial Engineering (2011) and doing an MBA (2014), Alp co-founded an innovative manufacturing company named "Sanayi Sepeti LTD." which was backed by two angel investors. This experience helped Alp to become a CEO Office member in OPLOG Operational Logistics Inc. which was the fastest growing technology company in Turkey in 2017. Having worked there two years, Alp decided to pursue an academic career in supply chain management and got accepted to the Leadership and Management PhD programme in Cranfield University with full bursary and scholarship.

Research opportunities

Alp's current research topic is mobile robot automation and throughput optimisation in warehouses. He tries to identify a framework for the decision-makers to aid them choose and fully integrate the chosen mobile robot system to their warehouses. Furthermore, he aims to optimise the mobile robot systems through optimising their task allocation and path planning strategies to increase the return on investment of the system.  

Current activities

Alp is currently studying on a systematic literature review on mobile robot systems to have a clear view of the mobile robot systems in the literature and gaps in knowledge about those systems. He then will continue with the identification of the framework and an empirical work on mobile robot system optimisation.