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Kim is a Chartered Psychologist, with a BSc(Hons) in Psychology from University College, London and a PhD from the University of Aston, Birmingham.  She is a member of the Higher Education Academy.  Kim's career began with Dunlop, who also sponsored her PhD research.  Kim has worked with a wide range of organizations, including major corporates in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, insurance, telecoms and banking industries as well as public service organizations, such as police, local authorities and the health service and major consultancies. 

Current activities

Kim has published widely on leadership and executive development and was on the editorial board of Management Learning, an international journal in this field, for many years.  Kim has directed many open and customised programmes at Cranfield.  Her current interest is in how leadership practices can create the conditions for cultural change required to deal with the complex challenges organisations face today.  Her work has led to innovative Executive Leadership Development designs focused on understanding the systemic and 'non rational' aspects of organizations and the importance of collaborative group learning.  Kim has also worked for many years in women’s leadership development, working with clients to develop inclusive talent management processes that will enable organisations to utilise talented resources more effectively and see greater female representation in leadership roles.


Kim’s recent clients include HSBC, FCA, Telecom Malaysia, and the Cabinet Office.  Kim teaches internationally and her work includes top team development, executive coaching as well as tailored and open leadership development programmes.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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