Gifts from Cranfield School of Management alumni and friends help reinforce our position as a top global management school.

Cranfield School of Management's mission is to transform the practice of management around the world through applied, practical knowledge. Your support can help us take advantage of growth opportunities in areas such as retail and digital banking, finance and economics, HAM and Organisational Behaviour, digital transformation and entrepreneurship. But it's not just at Cranfield where the impact is felt; our contribution to global innovation changes the way society thinks, works and learns.

Your support makes change happen

Gifts of all sizes to our Annual Fund are very much appreciated and collectively make a significant, immediate and positive impact on the experience for our students, faculty and staff. Thank you for your support, for more information please email

Dean's Circle

The Cranfield School of Management is proud to be recognised as one of the world’s leading business schools, providing a stimulating and challenging environment that has a transformational impact. The support of our community of alumni and friends will be essential in the years ahead if we are to maintain and strengthen our position at the forefront of management teaching and research.

The Dean’s Circle acknowledges those individuals who contribute £1,000 (£84 per month) or more in a single year. By supporting the School at this level, members of the Dean’s Circle are demonstrating their commitment to Cranfield and are playing an important role in ensuring that the Cranfield remains a leader in management teaching and thinking in the years ahead.

Members of the Dean’s Circle who demonstrate their commitment to Cranfield through philanthropic giving will be recognised at special leadership donor events and will also be listed in the prestigious Dean’s Circle chapter of our annual donor list.

For more information about the Dean's Circle please contact James Pagliaro, Senior Development Manager, on +44(0) 1234 754339 or email