The Changing World of Work focuses on examining the implications of the changing work context on managing people and organisations.

The nature of work, the workforce and work relations are being reshaped by changing demographics and greater diversity, increased global integration, technological advancement and increased competitive pressures for organizations, both in product markets and for employees due to socio, political and economic shifts. These changes have implications for the nature of work, the workforce and work relations, which are of concern for employers, governments and policy makers.

The Changing World of Work Group brings together expertise in the areas of Human Resource Management, Employment Relations, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour and Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in order to explore and address these changes. The Group provides thought leadership in areas such as gender and leadership, generational diversity, global mobility, HR and technology, flexible and agile working, employee engagement, career development and management and performance management. The group works closely with employers, government, consultants and policy groups to provide support in understanding and responding to these changes, via research, consultancy and executive development. We welcome collaboration and knowledge sharing with all stakeholders including academics, employing organisations and policy makers.

Our Themes

Changing demographics; gender and diversity trends

Global Integration  

  • International and comparative HRM and careers
  • Career mobility and global careers
  • Global mindset and cosmopolitanism

Technological advancement

  • HR and technology

Increased competitiveness

  • Agile Working
  • Managing people in the contemporary context
  • Employee engagement
  • Managing performance