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Facts and Figures

    • The CWC Leadership Development Programme was delivered in 12 countries, three languages and across four regions.
    • Over 200 Senior Managers and Executives have participated in the programme.

The organisation

Cable and Wireless Communications owns and operates full-service telecommunications businesses and is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. They create and manage world class regional telecoms businesses in small to medium sized markets around the world. With four major operations in the Caribbean, Panama, Macau and Monaco & Islands it operates in 39 countries and offers mobile, broadband, domestic and international fixed line services to residential and business customers.

Their employee group consists of smart-thinking, straight-talking, outcome focused people that operate in a fast-paced industry that is dynamic, competitive and changing almost every day. They encourage action orientated teams that are focused on delivering today to create value for their shareholders and to help their business units to deliver for their customers.


The Leadership Development Programme was initiated by CWC to support the broader transformation to move business units from Monopoly through to Liberalisation with a strategic emphasis on Competitive Enterprise. The journey to transformation required development of talent capability to drive through competitive enterprise behaviours in an increasingly competitive market.

The approach 

It was a requirement that a customised global programme with local delivery be designed with the purpose to align the regions. The development needed to be systematical and consistent, yet flexible enough to accommodate local cultural and business needs. The programme acted as the vehicle for communications, alignment of behaviours, reinforcement of accountability and engagement and performance. It provided the opportunity to leverage ideas and relationships across regions. This facilitated an increase in CWC’s required outcomes.

The Leadership Development Programme also formed an integral part of the Talent Management Programme within CWC. It was a significant enabler for participants to gain exposure to the right skills to operate and lead their business to competitive enterprise fully supported and endorsed by the Executive Boards of the four regions.

The programme

The delegates commence with a pre-programme questionnaire which asks them to provide information regarding previous development interventions, business challenges, and also to consider and identify the blockers and enablers to their core purpose in the organisation. This information is later used when they complete a Personal Road-Map. The format of the Leadership Development Programme itself consists of two modules and an inter-modular business project selected by the delegates after analysis of business needs. This ensured that the project addressed real-life organisational challenges faced by the company. Each one is sponsored by a member of the regional Executive Board.

The design itself is based on Cranfield’s ‘Inside-Out’ perspective of leadership as devised by Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield. ‘Inside-Out’ leadership takes the view that managers/leaders may have competencies and knowledge but need capability. Capability is defined as applying the competence effectively and depends on emotional maturity and self-insight. Transitions from manager to leader are first and foremost an emotional journey. To start with Inside Leadership creates self-confidence and emotional buy-in to apply the rest of the competencies and build leadership capability.

In line with the ‘Inside-Out’ approach, participants first reflected on what leadership meant to them and gained greater self-awareness of their own leadership styles through the use of psychometrics. Focus then shifted to their relationships with their teams, in particular their ability to motivate and inspire higher performance. Skills were then developed in leading change and transformation to deliver personal, team and organisational objectives.   

Making a difference

The cross-functional teams that attended the Leadership Development Programme have been able to leverage synergies, share best practice and optimise knowledge management transfer across business units.  Participants have returned to the workplace and, through collaboration and cooperation amongst team members, have changed behaviours and practically applied new tools and techniques to strategic on-the-job projects.  This has built a strong foundation for continued development, both as individuals and organisationally, to support the long-term growth of the business.

Why Cranfield?

"We partner with Cranfield because of their commitment to understanding our business and what we want to achieve. Strategic leadership development is being undertaken at board and business unit level in 15 countries and 3 languages, customised by region. Cranfield continues to demonstrate their ability to manage a very complex project and deliver it consistently in multiple locations throughout the world."

David Woods, HR Director Cable and Wireless Monaco and Island Region