What is the real job of a leader? In this webinar we will explore the key themes in the new book 'Vantage Points - how to create a culture where employees thrive' and gain an overview of the very practical ways future leaders can focus their energy.

We will cover:

  • An equation for leaders to baseline their actions
  • The only two key jobs of a leader
  • The unique five vantage points of a leader
  • Why the simplicity and intention of this equation are important for leaders in the future


Paula LeachPaula Leach, Founder and Executive Coach, Vantage Points Consulting

Paula Leach is a Chief People Officer with over 25 years experience working in global multinational, large scale complex public sector and entrepreneurial growth organisations.  Paula is passionate about the importance of leadership in building organisational cultures where people are included, can be creative and collectively productive.

Paula now runs her own Executive Coaching and Business Advisory business 'Vantage Points Consulting Ltd', enabling and inspiring leaders to explore and unlock their full potential and that of their teams and organisations.  Later in 2021 she will be launching the 'Vantage Points Foundation' which will provide coaching and mentoring support and inspiration to young women to lean into and achieve their dream careers.

Paula is author of the book 'Vantage Points' published in February 2021.

Vantage Points


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