WorkSpace is irrelevant - it’s our BelongingSpace, wherever we are, that matters

Join our upcoming webinar, which will cover:

  • Belonging is a primal human need. Yet perhaps so deep-wired it was taken for granted until it was taken away.
  • How can we keep a sense of belonging, even when we’re forced apart?
  • Defining belonging – what does it mean and why is it so important now?
  • What has changed, how has this affected belonging, and how can we reframe to suit our times?
  • The role of leaders in fostering belonging in the workplace and priorities right now and for shaping the future of work


Isabel CollinsIsabel Collins is a leading culture consultant with 30 years’ experience.

Isabel helps organisations nurture a shared sense of belonging.

So that their people, purpose, company, and the wider world, all flourish.

Isabel has developed an original model and process - ‘The Belonging Framework’© and led major programmes in codifying culture and belonging, defining purpose and values, with companies like Network Rail, EY, the Royal Society of Chemistry, The Royal College of Physicians, Balfour Beatty, BP and Rolls Royce.

Isabel runs specialist consultancy Belonging Space, and podcast interviews with business leaders at OnBelonging.


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