Over the past 20 years we have heard a lot about generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z, and the differences between them.

The idea is that there are distinct categories of people, based upon when they were born, who have particular attitudes, preferences and expectations when it comes to work and life. Many academics, consultants and practitioners have promoted the idea that we should be designing people management systems to account for these differences.

In this provocative webinar, Professor Emma Parry and Professor Peter Urwin will draw on their work over the past ten years to suggest why it is now imperative that we drop the idea of generational categories in order to avoid basing our management practices on ideas that are no better than stereotypes. They will explain the weaknesses in the evidence for generational differences and discuss a possible way forward in relation to understanding current and future changes in attitudes towards work.


Emma Parry is Professor of Human Resource Management and Head of the Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management.

Peter Urwin is Professor of Applied Economics at Westminster Business School and Director of the Centre for Employment Research.

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