Resilient organisations thrive before, during and after adversity

Resilience has been pushed firmly toward the top of the agenda for boards and senior management teams. How can resilience be developed? Who does it well, and what can we learn from them? What are the practical steps necessary to strengthen resilience for long-term success? As a leader, what more could you do to develop resilience for your organisation?

Our latest report from Cranfield University jointly commissioned by the National Preparedness Commission (NPC) in partnership with Deloitte helps to address these questions.

Key learnings from the report

Our research found that many leaders traditionally relied on a systematic process to assure themselves and their boards that they have taken reasonable steps to build resilience. Typically invested in a system of standards, including enterprise risk management (ERM), business continuity management (BCM), crisis incident management (CIM) and disaster recovery (DR). The hope is that these systems could help predict, prevent, and protect the organisation from threats and help the organisation bounce back from disruptions and crises.

However, the next crisis might be very different, and another government bailout may not be forthcoming. Therefore, they will take more responsibility for their resilience and invest in future resilience now.

Hear from the report authors Professor David Denyer and Mike Sutliff in this webinar jointly presented by Cranfield Executive Development and Cranfield University Alumni Relations.

David Denyer is a leading authority on organisational resilience with over 20 years of experience gained in academia, industry and consultancy. He is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change and Commercial Director at Cranfield School of Management and is the academic lead for the Cranfield University multi-disciplinary Resilience Grand Challenge.

Mike Sutliff is Project Director of the Resilience Grand Challenge at Cranfield University. The Grand Challenge seeks to connect and amplify the impact of the critical mass of academic work taking place at Cranfield across a diverse range of sectors; defence and security, energy and power, environment and agri-food, manufacturing, transport systems, water and management.

You can find out more about the Resilience Grand Challenge, the Resilience Reimagined report and download a copy by visiting