Cranfield School of Management has a reputation for being a forward-thinking, innovation-led business school looking to create leaders fit for the future.

Within that space, many programmes are taught using robust and proven elements of being a leader and ‘doing’ leadership.

One key element of leading businesses is the design - or construct - of the organisation. Taught and operated through the lenses of practice fields like Organisation Design, Business Strategy and Models and internal operations.

Join Professor Emma Parry with her guest speaker, 3x member of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers, 2x published author, 2x TEDx speaker and internationally renowned voice of transformative and progressive HR, OD, Learning and Change practice Perry Timms, for his foray into the next stages of organisation design.

Looking to address a range of issues, Perry’s talk will cover human energy and centricity, workflow and accountable systems, structures and inter-team dynamics and will help us see what the possible architecture and operating systems of the future are likely to be.

How do we choose? What do we choose? Where do we play to win?

Perry will help you see the plethora of options, with examples, evidence and a glimpse into the possible.


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