As an estimated 15-20 per cent of the UK population have a neurodiverse condition, it is essential employers understand how to inclusively recruit and retain this group of candidates and employees.

Many people with neurodiverse conditions are unemployed, under-employed, or experience difficulties in the workplace. Employers should therefore know how to both identify and remove the barriers in their organisations that prevent people with neurodiverse conditions from feeling fully included.

In this talk, Ian will discuss:

  • What does ‘neurodiversity’ mean? There is no one standard definition to specify which conditions are ‘neurodiverse’ conditions and which are not. As a result, organisations could unknowingly be discriminating against candidates and employees with neurodiverse conditions.
  • Could rethinking how we approach neurodiversity in the workplace increase opportunities to recruit talented individuals that might be otherwise be missed by recruitment methods that are not inclusive to people with neurodiverse conditions?
  • How can organisations improve their policies, processes, and culture to improve inclusion for neurodiverse people?
  • How should organisations be equipping HR and managers to effectively recruit and retain employees where a neurodiverse condition is not always ‘visible’?


Ian IcetonDr Ian Iceton

Ian was a HR Director for over twenty years at four world class organisations in the UK and Europe. He spent many years promoting all aspects of Diversity. More recently he has completed his DBA (Doctorate) at Cranfield University looking specifically at the challenges for organisations in recruiting and retaining autistic talent. He now speaks and consults for many organisations on the topic of Neurodiversity.


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