Have you ever thought that going back to your home country after living and working abroad can be as challenging as moving to a foreign country? Are you the same as you were before going abroad? Is 'home' the same to you as it was before? What can be done to make repatriation a smoother process?

In this interactive online workshop we will discuss the challenges, frustrations, and even hostilities returnees or self-initiated repatriates might face upon returning home. To gain the insights about this topic we will talk with the inter-culturalist Mariana Barros, whose work includes repatriation assistance such as cultural re-adjustment training. We will also talk with the researcher Rūta Savickaitė, who is a self-initiated repatriate herself and will share her personal experiences after returning to Lithuania from working abroad. This discussion will be mediated by Emilija and Monique, researchers in the field of global mobility of employees.

This workshop is organised by researchers from the GLOMO research project. The GLOMO project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 765355.

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Monique Raupp, Research Fellow, Cranfield University

Emilija Oleškevičiūtė, Research Fellow, Cranfield University

Mariana de Oliveira Barros, Managing Partner, Differänce Intercultural Consultants

Ruta Savickaite, Research Analyst/Lecturer, Civitta/Vilnius University

Who should attend

Those interested in global mobility of employees, expatriation, repatriation, international experiences and cross-cultural topics.


Free to join.

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