Recent years have led us all to change the way we spend our time and prioritise our lives. At Cranfield we have been learning and adapting, to understand and deliver on the changing needs of individuals within the workplace.

We are at the forefront of delivering the future needs of education, ensuring that our transformative development has a positive impact both personally, and professionally on our students.

In January 2023 we launched our globally accessible, online, flexible portfolio of learning. These programmes are designed to help you, as an individual or an employee within an organisation, achieve your career ambitions and give you access to our world-leading subject matter experts, when it suits you.

Two events were held in November 2022 and January 2023, to give an exclusive insight into Cranfield Online's Stackable Programmes, which are now available to view on-demand.


  • Why online learning is so crucial in the workplace we see today
  • The future of flexible, online learning, and how accessing this from a quadruple accredited postgraduate university will give you the ‘edge’
  • How you can stack courses to build all the way up to a bespoke MSc in Business and Management, if you choose, fully online
  • An opportunity to upskill and reskill across your organisation

Speakers include:


Watch on-demand

November 2022 event

Discover the key challenges facing the world of work and how online learning can combat these

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January 2023 event

Hear how Cranfield’s flexible, online learning can help busy individuals and organisations upskill and reskill

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