Host a Cranfield Full-time MBA student

The Cranfield MBA is one of the oldest and most recognised MBA programmes in the UK. Our quadruple-accredited programme is now over 50 years old, with a strong track record of excellence. The Transformation MBA has been ranked in the Top 100 MBAs in the Financial Times Global MBA 2023 rankings. Including being ranked in the UK top 10, and #1 in the UK for sector diversity and 15th worldwide.  You can find more about our prestigious rankings here.

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Benefits to your company

  • Deep-dive into business challenges – Cranfield MBA students offer high-quality, evidence-based insight into areas that you may not have the time, resources or expertise to address independently.
  • Access a rich pool of talent – a chance to see strong candidates in action assessing their fit as permanent hires and potential future leaders in your organisation.
  • Gain new perspectives – the diversity of Cranfield’s MBA cohort and industry experience stimulates creative ideas and innovative solutions that they can bring to your business, alongside freshly gained industry knowledge.
  • Develop existing talent – managing and mentoring an intern offers an opportunity for existing employees to boost their leadership skills, and retain employees looking for progression.

Timeline and key dates

  • Each year, we seek real business projects for our MBA candidates to be conducted during a two-month period.
  • The first batch of projects are released by the end of January for students to apply to; this will then happen monthly until April.
  • Earlier batches will benefit from a larger pool of talent.
  • All projects must run from July – August. Longer periods might be considered.

Student profiles

Our MBA students are in high demand, typically around 90% of students are employed three months after graduation. We have a rich variety of global talent representing a wide range of cultures, and our students come from a diverse range of professions and industries, including Consulting, Finance, Healthcare, Energy, FMCG and Retail.

Due to our dedicated post-graduate focus, Cranfield MBA candidates are typically more experienced than many other MBA programmes in the UK, offering an average of 9 years of professional experience. Many already have management and leadership experience.

In addition to cultural and professional diversity, our MBA cohort is gender-balanced. The cohort of 22/23 is 51% female – almost unheard of as MBA programmes around the world typically only achieve 40% female students on average.

Most of our students will speak more than one language, and the majority will change their country of work after graduation, with 92% of students on our latest course secured a job in Europe. Cranfield MBA candidates are highly motivated individuals who want to apply their knowledge in practical environments.  Through the course they will have gained knowledge across topics such as:

  • Corporate Financial Strategy
  • Investment and Risk Management
  • Strategising in Challenging Contexts
  • Driving Value through the Supply Chain
  • Leaders as Thinkers
  • Leading and Managing the Family Enterprise
  • Leading Sales and Customer Management
  • Negotiating in Business and Organisations

More information

For further information and for an informal discussion feel free to contact:

Internships and Projects Manager
T: +44 (0)1234 758190

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