The FEROX project aims to utilise advances in AI, data, and robotics to help the work of wild berry pickers and make the picking process more effective.

The project will employ autonomous drones equipped with various sensors to acquire data, build 3D models of the forests and thereby accurately estimate berries’ locations, amount, and types. The collected data will be used to build AI models to help workers locate the berries and optimise their operations. In addition, FEROX will provide wild berry pickers with navigation and locating services and physical support to improve their working conditions and boost their trust and confidence. Within this 3-year Horizon Europe funded project, Cranfield University will conduct human analysis, with the aim of measuring the impact of the technology on workers. We will concentrate on investigating the current manual work processes and work conditions of berry pickers, user requirements, socio-ethical analysis, and user acceptance evaluation.

Related academics

Dr Sarah Fletcher
Dr Anne-Marie Oostveen
Dr Christopher Burns

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