We are developing systems for safe, swift and comfortable transitions from autonomous driving to human driving in passenger cars, taking into account human driver attention and cognition.

At a glance

As a step on the way to fully self-driving cars, we will see cars that are self-driving part of the time but must still be human-driven at other times. For comfort and safety, it is important that there is a smooth and swift transition between the self-driving and human-driving modes. A particular risk is that human drivers may not be ready to take over safely, as they may be preoccupied with non-driving tasks.

CogShift, one of five projects which are part of an £11 million UK Government investment in autonomous vehicle research, is studying driver attention and cognitive control characteristics. The project will use these to develop an optimal control-authority shifting system which takes driver attention into account.

MUEAVI on Cranfield campus
The proposed MUEAVI (Multi-User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation) facility on the Cranfield campus