Dr Daniel Evans, a Soil Scientist at Cranfield University, is a recipient of the 2024 Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists.

The accolade, which is awarded by the European Geosciences Union (EGU), recognises his work in soil formation and parent materials at the soil-bedrock interface. He also studies how natural processes and human activities impact soil health.

Dr Evans, a Lecturer in Soil Formation who until recently held a 75th Anniversary Research Fellowship at Cranfield University, will deliver a lecture at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly next year following the award.

Dr Evans said: "I am honoured and delighted to receive this award. There are so many people around the globe that I wish to thank for supporting me, within and beyond soil science, and I'm looking forward to celebrating them in my Award Lecture at the EGU General Assembly in 2024."

The Arne Richter Awards for Outstanding Early Career Scientists celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in their respective fields.

Dr Evans' selection among the four awardees demonstrates the significance of his contributions to the field of soil science.

Dr Evans is also the Course Director for a new Soil Scientist Apprenticeship and MSc in Soil Science course at Cranfield, and more details about this will be announced soon. Meanwhile, you can find out more information about Cranfield University’s soil science courses on the course page of the website.