Anamaria Dioane has been announced as the recipient of the Christine Ourmières-Widener Diversity scholarship, which will help to fund her studies while she undertakes the Air Transport Management MSc programme at Cranfield University.

The scholarship was created by Christine Ourmières-Widener, former Flybe chief executive, after she was honoured in the inaugural International Air Transport Association (IATA) Diversity and Inclusion awards. She took the decision to donate her $25,000 prize to create the scholarship in order to support and encourage the growth of more female leadership. Following the announcement of the recipient of the new scholarship, Christine Ourmières-Widener said: “It’s a pleasure to use the funds I received from the IATA Diversity and Inclusion awards to help Anamaria to continue her studies and become a future leader in the aviation industry. I look forward to working with her as a mentor on this new adventure.”

Dr Robert Mayer, course director for the Air Transport Management MSc programme, said: “Cranfield University has been running air transport management degrees for over 50 years. We recognise the need for a diverse workforce in the industry. Currently in the aviation industry, women are under-represented in many areas. We would like to thank Christine Ourmières-Widener for her support and generous scholarship to encourage more women into aviation. Christine can be seen as a true role model, not only for our female students, but for all students studying for the MSc in Air Transport Management.”

Anamaria Dioane is an aerospace engineer and a recent graduate of the Air Navigation section at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. She also studied abroad during her bachelor’s degree at the Universitat Politècnica de València and has completed two internships – the first with the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration and, most recently, with the European Agency for the Safety of Air Traffic Management. Her professional goal is to contribute to society by developing solutions and strategies for a safer, more efficient transport system.

On accepting the scholarship, Anamaria said: “It is hard to quantify my excitement after being chosen to be the recipient of this scholarship – it is a life-changing opportunity. Thank you very much. I am certain it will make a significant, positive impact on my ability to achieve my professional goals by continuing my studies at Cranfield. With such a great opportunity comes great responsibility, I’m very much looking forward to starting the Air Transport Management MSc programme.” 

Anamaria will be commencing her studies at Cranfield University this autumn.

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