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Prior to joining Cranfield as an MSc student, Rowan gained a BSc (hons) from the University of Warwick in Biomedical chemistry. After graduating from Warwick, Rowan spent time working as an Technical Analyst in the flavour and fragrance chemical industry, specializing in GC/MS analysis of essential oils.

Rowan then returned to academia to study for an MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering, following work experience in the wastewater sector.

Current activities

Rowan is currently studying for a PhD in the optimization of coagulation based technologies for tertiary and primary phosphorous removal from wastewater, with a specific focus on removal of phosphorous to below 0.1 mg/L. The project is part of the Water Infrastructure and Resilience (WIRe) center for doctoral training (

Research is being conducted into understanding the speciation of phosphorous in wastewater, and the effect variation in phosphorus speciation has on chemical phosphorous removal processes. Research is also planned into understanding the underlying mechanisms involved the removal of phosphorous via chemical addition, flocculation and sedimentation, including attempting to find minimal-footprint methods of improving mixing and floc formation.



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