Contact Ehizuelen Imafidon


Mr Ehizuelen Imafidon holds a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture (Soil Science) from the University of Benin (Nigeria) and a master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Cranfield

University (UK).

Past research experience working on the following projects:

Establishing the potential of using Geobacter metallireducens for extracting Iron from sludge in biological reactors (September 2019; MSc Thesis)

Future innovations in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in UK (February - May 2019; MSc group project)

Effect of tillage methods and efficacy of cordal gold formulation on weed regeneration under Cowpea Crop (2011; BSc Thesis).

Ehizuelen has also worked with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the department of geographic information system (GIS) as Scientific Officer (December 2015 - September 2019).

Research opportunities

Developing a design guide that ensures the generation of suitable quality water for use from municipal wastewater treatment using a combined chemical addition and macrofiltration system.

Current activities

Ehizuelen is currently pursuing a PhD in Water at Cranfield University. His research work focuses on the evaluation of combined chemical addition and macrofiltration for low energy and carbon wastewater treatment.