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Areas of expertise

  • Carbon, Climate and Risk
  • Environmental Policy
  • Managing Corporate Sustainability
  • Monitoring and Environmental Informatics
  • Natural capital
  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr Simon Jude joined Cranfield University in May 2010 as a Research Fellow. He completed his MSc and PhD at the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. 
Prior to this post, he worked for the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research’s Coastal Research Programme, where he was involved in a wide range of projects. These included developing and testing innovative virtual reality visualisation tools to communicate the impacts of future coastal change, and exploring the use of such tools in the economic valuation of landscape change and participatory coastal management processes. 
Dr Jude was also a member of the team developing the Tyndall Coastal Simulator decision-support system, and worked with spatial planners and decision-makers from the UK, France and Netherlands, to evaluate the impact of climate change on coastal habitats and its implications for spatial planning processes and the EU Habitats Directive. 
More recently Dr Jude has worked in the offshore renewable energy sector developing spatial analysis tools to evaluate and mitigate project risks.

Current activities

Dr Jude's research focuses on the challenges associated with adapting to climate change, particularly the risk that climate change poses to the coastal zone and critical infrastructure, and the need to improve participatory decision-making in adaptation planning.
A second strand of research focuses on risks to the marine environment, particularly those associated with climate change, marine renewable energy developments and marine spatial planning. This work builds on his experience of the offshore renewables industry where he helped to develop spatial risk analysis tools and conducted GIS-based risk analysis for numerous European wind farm and submarine interconnector projects.


  • Cefas
  • Defra
  • NERC
  • Marine Management Organisation
  • Infrastructure utilities


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


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